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Are you tired of sacrificing precious time and energy to decorate your home for the holidays? Let us take care of the hard work for you, with our professional Christmas light installation in North Augusta.

Our stunning displays will leave you in awe and your neighbors envious! Our commitment to exceptional customer service brings your visions to life through a safe and seamless experience, from design to storage.

With Wonderly Lights, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home will transform from ordinary into extraordinary, leaving you free to spend quality time with family and friends. You deserve to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest, with no added stress or hassle.

Don’t settle for a lackluster holiday display. Choose Wonderly Lights and make your home the brightest in the neighborhood. Contact us today and let us bring the magic of the holidays to your doorstep!

Fully done-for-you



We consult with you and provide a custom design recommendation to bring your unique vision to life.


We install and maintain your lights and greenery without adding stress or disrupting your busy schedule.


We use property-friendly techniques to remove your lights and greenery at the end of the holiday season.


We store your lights and greenery in an off-site facility, protecting them and saving you space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each installation is as unique as the homeowner, and the cost varies based on your chosen design, decorative accents, and the size and complexity of the project. To get a personalized quote, please request a no-obligation consultation to discuss your design ideas and preferences.

No, and there’s no need! You lease the lights and greenery from us, ensuring your home is decorated with high-quality, commercial-grade materials that shine brightly throughout the full season.

We’ll discuss your design ideas, budget, and preferences for your installation. Then, we’ll provide custom recommendations using state-of-the-art technology to sample your design on an image of your home to ensure you’re fully satisfied. We also provide access to photo galleries for inspiration.

We’ll schedule a convenient installation date that fits seamlessly into your calendar. In fact, you don’t even have to be home. We only work outside of your house, so we can install your lights and greenery without disrupting your day-to-day.

After the holiday season, we’ll contact you to coordinate the removal of your lights and greenery on a date that’s convenient for you. Then, we’ll return to your property to remove your decorations using property-friendly techniques.

All of the materials are stored year-round in a climate-controlled facility, preserving your limited storage space and protecting your decorations from damage.

Our Community

Client Reviews

Our install was flawless and the outcome was absolutely amazing. We’re so happy to create holiday memories for our children using this service!

Samatha M.

5 Stars/5

We’re very impressed with our Christmas lights, and the staff goes above and beyond for customer satisfaction! Can’t wait to use them next year!

Nikki H.

5 Stars/5

We’ve never paid for a service like this. They did a wonderful job and even returned to make a few adjustments. Will definitely continue to use them!

Dave J.

5 Stars/5

The staff is pleasant, informative, and creative. Our house looks wonderful, and our neighbors are stopping by to tell us how nice it looks!

Katy O.

5 Stars/5

I couldn’t be happier with how our house looks. And the looks on our children’s faces, when they saw it for the first time, made it even more worth it!

Dee D.

5 Stars/5

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The holiday season takes on a truly magical charm in North Augusta! Nestled on the banks of the Savannah River, North Augusta is a town that knows how to light up the holidays like no other. With its friendly neighborhoods, scenic beauty, and warm-hearted residents, North Augusta provides the perfect place for festive celebrations that will leave you filled with holiday spirit.

Join in the festivities at the Annual Winter Wonderland Extravaganza, where the streets come alive with shimmering lights, joyful music, and the joyous laughter of residents and visitors alike. Explore the Holiday Craft Fair, a treasure trove of unique gifts and handcrafted delights, perfect for finding that special something for your loved ones. And don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Grand Tree Lighting Ceremony, a heartwarming event that officially kicks off the holiday season with the lighting of a magnificent tree that can be seen from miles away.

But why stop at just enjoying the holiday festivities as a spectator? With our professional design and installation services, you can bring that same joy and excitement to your own home. Let us bring the holiday magic to your doorstep and help you spread holiday cheer to your friends and family this season.

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As a local business, we’re committed to brightening your season and saving you time and stress. We’re excited to serve our community and spread joy throughout our neighborhoods.

“We received an anonymous letter recently from someone who expressed how the decorations we put up made Christmas joyful again for them,” said Trey Powell, Wonderly Lights of Augusta owner. “To affect people by making them happy for the holidays… well, that’s just a privilege. This is the happiest business!”

At Wonderly Lights, we’re dedicated to delivering awe-inspiring holiday lights without the hassle. Offering custom designs, you can add your personal touch to any combination of lights and greenery, ensuring that your decorations truly reflect your style.

“We are in the customer service business,” said Powell. “We don’t just want our customers to be satisfied, we want them to love the preferences they’ve made.”

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