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Permanent Holiday Lighting

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Steal the Spotlight with Permanent Holiday Lighting

Transform Your Property into a Place You’re Proud to Show Off

Want your property to become a conversation piece? Imagine the warm, elegant glow of lights previously reserved for special occasions, now bringing magical feelings of nostalgia to friends, neighbors, and passersby year-round. With our permanent holiday lighting solutions, this dream becomes an everyday reality.

You’ll enjoy the convenience of a set-and-forget solution to year-round lighting. And with powerful app-based technology, you can align your outdoor ambiance with the spirit of any holiday, such as the 4th of July, Halloween, and Christmas—all from the tap of your fingers!

But the best part? You eliminate the challenges of short-term and labor-intensive seasonal decorating, while experiencing awe-inspiring results that transform your property into a space that turns heads and sparks conversation. Each day, as the sun sets and your property beams like a spotlight in the night sky, you’ll feel a sense of pride as viewers’ eyes widen with admiration.


Become an influential trendsetter at the center of your social circle.


Gain peace of mind by eliminating dark areas with dazzling lights.


Invest in your property’s appearance and public perception.


Achieve an effortless aesthetic with a simple set-and-forget solution.

How Does It Work?



We consult with you and provide a custom design recommendation to bring your unique vision to life.


We install and maintain your lights without adding stress or disrupting your busy schedule.


Though our materials are built to last, we're here to assist with any unexpected maintenance issues.


Simple app-based technology makes it easy to change colors for any occasion or season.

What Can You Expect?



We use high-quality, commercial-grade materials to ensure a durable display that will withstand any climate or conditions.


We’re committed to professionalism and outstanding customer service, ensuring top-notch displays and attention to detail.


We're AOLP (Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals) members and carry both liability and workers’ compensation insurance.


If any unexpected issues arise, we’re just a phone call away, ready to resolve your concerns efficiently and effectively.

Our Community

Success Stories

Our install was flawless and the outcome was absolutely amazing. We’re so happy to create holiday memories for our children using this service!

Samatha M.

5 Stars/5

We’re very impressed with our Christmas lights, and the staff goes above and beyond for customer satisfaction! Can’t wait to use them next year!

Nikki H.

5 Stars/5

We’ve never paid for a service like this. They did a wonderful job and even returned to make a few adjustments. Will definitely continue to use them!

Dave J.

5 Stars/5

The staff is pleasant, informative, and creative. Our house looks wonderful, and our neighbors are stopping by to tell us how nice it looks!

Katy O.

5 Stars/5

I couldn’t be happier with how our house looks. And the looks on our children’s faces, when they saw it for the first time, made it even more worth it!

Dee D.

5 Stars/5
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Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent lighting is an exterior lighting solution for homes and businesses, designed for enduring, long-term use. Once installed, you don’t have to take them down after each holiday or occasion, as they remain a fixture year-round. You’ll create a consistent and aesthetic appearance, with color-changing capabilities perfect for any occasion throughout the year. And while the lights meet required safety, security, and ambient appearance, they’re nearly invisible during the daylight hours.

Each installation is as unique as the property, and the cost varies based on your chosen design and the size and complexity of the project. To get a personalized quote, please request a no-obligation consultation to discuss your design ideas and preferences.

No, and there’s no need! We’ll supply your lights, ensuring the use of high-quality, commercial-grade materials that shine brightly for years to come. And since the lighting is permanent without being taken down after each use, it becomes your property once installed.

We’ll discuss your design ideas, budget, and preferences for your installation. Then, we’ll provide custom recommendations using state-of-the-art technology to sample your design on an image of your home to ensure you’re fully satisfied. We also provide access to photo galleries for inspiration.

We’ll schedule a convenient installation date that fits seamlessly into your schedule. In fact, you don’t even have to be home. We only work outside of your house, so we can install your lights without disrupting your day-to-day life. And after installation, we’re just a phone call away, ready to assist with any unexpected maintenance issues or warranty questions.

Your permanent lighting product comes equipped with a simple and user-friendly app, making it easy to change the color scheme and patterns of your lights for any occasion or season. And to help you get started, we’ll share best practices and provide recommendations of our favorite options.

Yes, we’re proud to provide professional lighting services to both home and business owners alike.

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